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As a family we have nurtured a lifelong love of wine. After years of searching for what we felt was the right vineyard for us, Diane and Alexis discovered a small vineyard property on West Dry Creek Road in beautiful Dry Creek Valley in April 1998. While standing in front of the 120 million year old granite 40+ degree hillside overlooking the views of Mt. St. Helena and Geyser Peak, Alexis and Diane knew they had found the special place they had been looking for. They called Gerry who was away on business to let him know about what they had found and how they felt about this amazing property. Once Gerry saw the property he too agreed that this was the place for us. We moved from St. Helena in the Napa Valley in 1999 and founded the Pasterick Winery. Since 1999 we remodeled the charming circa 1913 farmhouse with its' large covered porch and wine cellar. The old Red Winery Barn was fully insulated with a bit of interior remodeling. The 3,400 sq. ft. Pasterick Wine Cave was dug into the 120 million year old Granite hillside in 2007. A Petanque Court was added and surrounded with picnic tables and chairs and the orchard. In 2004 preparations began for our home site.

In 1999 our seventeen acre fenced property had six acres planted to Syrah on steep hillsides. We added plantings of Syrah and plantings of Viognier. In addition, we planted Spanish and Italian Olive Trees. The ranch also has an extensive orchard of 44 stone fruit bearing trees, a substantial enclosed vegetable and flower cutting garden, seasonal waterfalls and a 'Magic Forest' that includes majestic redwood trees. There are close to 100 antique rose plants which includes one of our favorites, the climbing rose, Sally Holmes.

Our Winery is fully integrated producing approximately 1,000 cases of premium hand crafted Estate Syrah, Rosé and Viognier and our Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon which is Hermitaged with a bit of our Estate Syrah. The vineyard blocks are managed by Atlas Vineyard Management company with all other aspects, such as participating in harvest, crushing and destemming, monitoring and tending to the fermentation process, racking and overseeing the continual aging time, bottling, then labeling and hand dipping each bottle in wax before releasing to our Club JADS Members and our guests. Our Estate Syrah is aged 3 years in Taranusand French Oak and our Angle of Reposé Syrah is aged 4 years before bottling. We age our Reserve Cabernet 2 years and our Rosé 6 months and our Estate Viognier 1 year.

JADS The Dragon

We work as a team. Alexis is our Winemaker and oversees the Viticulture work. She also is the Cellar Master and can often be found in the Wine Cave Tasting Room with guests. Bret is the Operations Manager and heads up the overall administrative responsibilities. He also assists Alexis in all facets of winemaking. Bret can also be found with guests in the Wine Cave Tasting Room or the Petanqué Court with guests. Both Gerry and Diane continue as Founders and are available for consultation in all facets in this wonderful world of wine. We all make our home in beautiful Dry Creek Valley.