The Wine Cave

The wine cave is the heart of our operation, where a great deal of the year’s work happens. Our Syrah is aged for three years in Taransaud French Oak barrels in the cave before it’s bottled and then aged for at least an additional year before release.

A wine cave is an excellent space for a winery. Caves are a natural environment for the creation and aging of wine. In Northern California, caves maintain a relatively constant temperature between 55-60 F, the temperature range at which wine is best cellared. They are also naturally humid, which lends itself well to the storing and aging of wine in barrels. Since barrels aren’t completely air tight, over time wine evaporates. In an environment like our wine cave, which has ranges from 70%-90% humidity, the amount of wine that evaporates over time is greatly reduced, leaving more wine to drink!

Excavation began on the cave in June, 2007 and was finished in December of the same year. It was dug into a hillside of 120 million year old granite.